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Our Lake Tahoe air tour begins over Yosemite, continues past the Mt. Lyell Glacier on to the Minaret Range, Mammoth Lakes, then turns north flying by Mono Lake, Bridgeport with the option of flying by the Historic ghost town of Bodie. Your narrated tour continues north along the precipitous Sierra east side, where the canyons and creeks drop off the mountains steeply down into the verdant Hunewell Valley at Bridgeport, then past the Sweetwater mountain range and into the Carson Valley, up and over the Sierra just south of Lake Tahoe our route returns back over the Hope Valley, Kirkwood and Mt. Reba Ski areas. Approximate flight time: 1 hour 45 minutes.


This Kings Canyon Air Tour flies south over Yosemite Valley and the highest peaks of the High Sierra. We tour over the John Muir Wilderness area, then south to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Our route takes us down the west side of the Sierra crest past Mt. Whitney (highest point in the 48 states) and over the spectacular canyon of the Kings River (deepest Canyon in North America). Your pilot narrated tour returns along the east side of the Sierra Crest with the grandeur of the Owens valley spread between the Sierra and White Mountains. We land for refreshment & food at the Bishop Airport Cafe; small and unassuming, the food is great. The tour continues north past Mono Lake, over Tioga Pass, down through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne river and over Hetch Hetchy.


Your gold country air tour over the Mother Lode offers a birds eye view above the rugged foothills of the Sierra, providing perspective on the relationship of the geography that is difficult to grasp from the ground. Your narrated tour takes you over Tuolumne County with views of both old and new gold mining. Our flight takes us over Melones Reservoir, Lake Don Pedro, the Tuolumne River, then on to Groveland and Pine Mountain lake. We return via Tuolumne City, Sonora and over historic Columbia State Park.


We can help you design your own personalized vacation by ‘Going the exploration route’. Courtney Aviation’s Airvantage gives you access to the entire Western United States, and countless opportunities to find your own unspoiled destination. Flying with us enables you to customize your vacation. Ski flights, wilderness backpacking, whitewater rafting…the sky’s the limit!


We fly you, your friends, skis and baggage from any airport, on your own schedule. You can forget about the frustration of airport security checks and long delays; just jump in and we’re off. We’ll give you a guided tour and guarantee you a window seat for a spectacular view of the snow covered High Sierra. Flight time on our typical charter flight departing from the S. F. Bay Area and arriving at Lee Vining or Mammoth Lakes, is one hour and twenty minutes; less to Lake Tahoe. Flight time from Columbia Airport is 40 minutes.

Our most popular destination is Lee Vining, on the east side of the Sierra at the foot of Tioga pass. With the hospitality of the Tioga Pass Winter Resort providing you no hassle accommodations, you’ll be in for some of the finest backcountry skiing to be had, with what many consider to be the best all around terrain and snow to be found anywhere. The best part is, it’s right in your backyard. Please call us for sample itineraries and a custom quote on the trip of your dreams.


Spend your time relaxing rather than driving. We’ve planned a perfect weekend for you and your friends that maximizes your leisure time. Enjoy a variety of sights and activities on a trip that combines an overnight stay at a historic hotel or Bed and Breakfast in Columbia State Historic Park with day trips to Yosemite National Park. Warm foothill nights and cool days in Yosemite make our Yosemite Gold Country Package the ideal Sierra vacation. You’ll find a variety of fine dining establishments here in the restored gold mining town of Columbia.


This tour explores Yosemite from the east. Leaving from Lee Vining, on the park’s eastern border, within minutes, passengers quickly gain views of Tioga Pass and Tuolumne Meadows. The intense gain in elevation on the Sierra’s eastern slope is dramatic and beautiful. These trips leave by special arrangement from Lee Vining Airport, so call us to reserve a spot.


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